Wirehaired dachshund

Wirehaired dachshund

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Wirehaired dachshund, also called Dachshund Teckel: he is clearly of German origin, and not only. The wirehaired dachshund, together with the German Shepherd, it is the national dog of Germany and in 1972 it was the mascot of the German nation at the Olympics.

In the official classification the wirehaired dachshund falls into group 4, the one with the fewest breeds. There are 9 varieties of dachshund inside and they differ in hair and height. We talk about the wirehaired dachshund but in general it is useful to know that in the German language, “Dachshund” means badger dog: in the past, this dog was used to hunt badgers in the courtyards or in the land where they were then hunted.

Wirehaired dachshund: character

The wirehaired dachshund he is not at all "tough", on the contrary. He stands out among his colleagues for his abundant affection, moreover he has a devotion that borders on the incredible for the owner and his adopted family. In general, it has no incompatibility problems with other dogs or other human beings, so it has the reputation of being excellent pet dog. Even for children, also given its not imposing build and which is scarcely feared.

Generous. cheerful and quite lively, the wirehaired dachshund he is obedient even if stubborn, reckless, shrewd and sympathetic: so surrender to the idea that he will tend to make decisions in a completely autonomous way without "waiting" for the command or permission of his master.

If well "set" a wirehaired dachshund it is manageable even in an apartment and, in exchange for a little company and affection, is willing to forget about having a garden and living in the city. He is open to new experiences but may be a little too wary of strangers. This in the city can be an aspect of his character to work on in addition to the trend of wirehaired dachshund to bark at the slightest alarm making a big voice. Which is also a bit funny given the petite size.

Wirehaired Dachshund: appearance

We talked about petite size, and that's no euphemism, for the wirehaired dachshund which immediately stands out for the contrast between short limbs and elongated body. This does not mean that this dog does not have a vigorous appearance and a solid and harmonious musculature, complemented by a proud bearing and intelligent expression.

The petite size of the wirehaired dachshund results in a weight never exceeding 9 kg - it is advisable - and a chest circumference greater than 35 cm. Looking him in the face you see a elongated snout and a black big nose with well opened nostrils, "smiles" shows regular teeth and perfect strong canines, oval eyes lit by a lively and energetic but friendly expression. No shadow of a threat that would be almost ridiculous.

The eyes are bright dark brown-red, up to brown-black, with any coat color. In wirehaired dachshund all colors are allowed. white markings or markings on the chest are allowed but not desired. The coat is uniform and does not give off the characteristic intense dog smell, even when wet. Here is one of the many reasons, perhaps among the most unexpected, in this case, that made the wirehaired dachshund, more and more with the years and more and more as a companion dog, also becauseodorless!

Paco, the wirehaired dachshund of our reader Stefano Bonfigli

Wirehaired dachshund: origins

The wirehaired dachshund it has common origins with its other dachshund cousins, and has very ancient origins that date back to the time of the pharaonic guards during the Middle Kingdom in 2100-1700 BC. About. References to wirehaired dachshund then appear, literary, in 1797, in a book on Jester's hunting, while the first book dedicated to wirehaired dachshund is from 1885, three years later Colonel Emile Ilgner and Count Klaus Hahn founded the “Deutscher Teckel Club”While the breed had already been officially recognized in 1878.

National dog together with the shepherd, the wirehaired dachshund it is very popular at home as well as in the United States while in our country it remains not very widespread despite excellent farms. During the years of the Great War the wirehaired dachshund he became unpopular but not because of his explicit fault: since the German army considered him their mascot, the enemies stopped breeding him. After the 1920s, the wirehaired dachshund is back in the limelight and big: as a companion dog.

Wirehaired dachshund: training and care

Train a wirehaired dachshund, but it's not the type of hair that affects it, it's not easy at all. He has an independent temper, even if he is awake, indeed, precisely because he is awake, so it is better to start from an early age to make him understand "how he runs". Flanking a puppy of wirehaired dachshund to another well-behaved adult dog can be a way to facilitate the task of educating this dog.

Paco, Stefano's wirehaired dachshund, our reader, is portrayed on his favorite sofa! :-)

In general the wirehaired dachshund he is in excellent health, his particular elongated conformation can make him prone to orthopedic problems, he can suffer for example from herniated discs. For this the masters of a wirehaired dachshund they have to make sure they do it often physical activity so as not to make him get too fat and weigh down. The diet must also be balanced and measured, with the help of the croquettes. The stiff coat is short, and the dog can feel cold: to avoid a cold better, in case of temperature changes, make the dog wear a fleece cape or coat.

The photographs of this article were sent to us by our reader Stefano Bonfigli, whom we thank, and they portray Paco, his very nice wirehaired dachshund.

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