DIY descaler, the recipes

DIY descaler, the recipes

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DIY descaler: instructions on how to prepare ahomemade descaler. Ado it yourself limescale removercan clean any washable surface. At home, the limestone deposited by the water persecutes tiles, sinks, taps, showers, washing machines, coffee machines, cookware ... due to the high amount of calcium carbonate contained in the water, nothing is safe!

The amount of limestone (calcium carbonate) depends on thehardnessof water. The higher the amount of limestone present in the water, the higher the degree of hardness. On the contrary, if the limestone is absent, it will be said, in jargon, that the water is "sweet".

The ideal solution forremove limescaleconsists in connecting a water system capable of "soften the water". In the absence of such a system, it is possible to prevent the formation of limestone by using ado it yourself limescale removerfor use on surfaces exposed during housework.

DIY descaler

There are several products that you can use as anatural anti-limescale. The advantages ofnatural anti-limescaleare various:

  • they are cheap
  • easy to find
  • have a very low environmental impact
  • they are safe for human health
  • they can also be used on the sink and on surfaces that come into contact with food
  • guarantee excellent results

Useful ingredients to prepare a good onedo it yourself limescaleI'm:

  • citric acid (lemon)
  • sodium hydrogen carbonate (sodium bicarbonate)
  • White vinegar

Do-it-yourself descaler based on vinegar

Vinegar is a perfect remedy for eliminating limescale. It can also be used in the home for laundry. Vinegar has a high cleaning potential, so much so that we decided to dedicate an article to it. To learn more, see: how to clean with vinegar.Vinegar can also be used to clean marble in a natural way ... On marble, however, the use of baking soda and lemon is highly discouraged.

For the preparation ofdo it yourself limescalebased on vinegar, simply dissolve the vinegar in a bowl, to the extent of 100 ml for every 300 ml of hot water, adding 1 tablespoon of salt in case of large incrustations. Use the solution directly on the surface to be treated and rinse with warm water. If the vinegar smell is too pungent, you can leave the windows open for a few minutes; the smell will disappear.

Tomato-based DIY descaler

The property anti-limescale of the tomato are now known to all. The tomato, in fact, cut into small pieces and left to macerate for a few minutes on the surfaces to be treated, is extremely useful. I recommend that you use this natural remedy to remove limescale from the sink. You can benefit from the action anti-limescale tomato even if you have brass taps, simply by rubbing a little ripe tomato pulp on the parts to be treated.

Lemon-based DIY descaler
For further information, I refer you to the article dedicated to alternative uses of lemon.

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