Constipation, natural remedies

Constipation, natural remedies

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Thereconstipationit is too often an underestimated disorder. If you think you are suffering from constipation, try to see your doctor to determine the cause. In addition to the causes that we will see in this article, theconstipationit can hide pitfalls that should not be underestimated.

Thereconstipationit's a real disease! Fortunately, many people report suffering fromconstipationwhen they actually have "only" a intestine tremendously lazy.

According to scholars, the minimum frequency for 3 evacuations per week would be not consider yourself suffering fromconstipation. So, technically, if you go to the bathroom more than three times a week you don't suffer fromconstipation because, for experts, evacuating every 2-3 days is considered normal. Although we have consecrated the article tonatural remedies for constipation, let's see how to cure and make a "faster" lazy intestine... basically, the causes ofconstipationthey are related to too slow movement of digested material through the colon.

The causes most common that relate to what is defined in everyday jargonconstipation,I'm:

  • Low intake of dietary fiber, therefore a diet low in fruit and vegetables.
  • Sedentary life with the absence of physical activity.
  • Poor fluid intake, those who drink little tend to make the so-called chroniclazy intestine.

It goes without saying that among thenatural remediesto cure thelazy intestinethere are some simple good habits that you will have to integrate into your daily life. Here are the firstnatural remediesthat I suggest:

  • Liquids
    Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day trying to drink on an empty stomach. Not just water, you also add fruit juice, broth and milk to your diet.
  • Movement
    Avoid a sedentary lifestyle and carry out an hour of moderate physical activity on a daily basis, or 20 minutes of movement at an accelerated pace. Physical activity must be carried out between meals.
  • Fibers
    Enrich your diet with fruit and especially vegetables. Avoid refined foods by preferring wholemeal products and richer in fiber. The foods to be integrated into the daily diet are:
    - cooked and above all raw vegetables

Constipation can be accompanied by stomach cramps. In this case, we refer you to the article entitledStomach cramps, natural remedies.

Constipation, natural remedies
In addition to the good habits that you will have to introduce into your life (drink more, eat healthily, exercise ...), there are twonatural remediesthat I am an authentic taccasana forlazy intestine.

  • The Ginger like natural remedy against the constipation

Ginger is great natural remedy for the constipation and a sluggish intestine. You can make a ginger tea by soaking a small piece of ginger in boiling water. After a few minutes of infusion, filter, let it cool and drink.

  • Aloe juice as a natural remedy for constipation

Aloe vera juice when added pure functions as a powerful laxative. I advise you to introduce it in small doses and diluted with other fruit juices.

Alternative medicine and treatments for constipation
In alternative medicine there are specific treatments such as reflexology, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, pranotherapy .... and other practices capable of promoting the restoration of intestinal balance and thus favoring proper emptying of the colon.

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