Cat with a cold: how to cure it

Cat with a cold: how to cure it

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Cat with a cold, yes, screwed up by the summer. Because if there are no more mid-seasons, and even the summers of the past, the cat gets fooled, maybe wanders around, and then gets a good cold. Here then is sneezing, an irritated and runny nose, and all the symptoms that very much resemble those of humans. Indeed a cat with cold, is what is more like a companion with a cold. And it must be taken care of.

The incubation of the classic cold for a cat does not last long, and the signs are quite easily recognizable. The sneezing of a cat with cold they are continuous and certainly cannot be mistaken for other noises or meows: they seem, at least from my experience, with the two brothers Tasi and Tari, human sneezing a little strangled. Like when you are in a meeting and try to hold them back.

The nose of a cat with coldin addition to being often particularly wet, it is irritated and even cracked. And if the cat, particularly intolerant, tries to get rid of it by rubbing it with blankets or, even worse, with its paws, even small wounds can emerge that must not become infected.

Cats are generally not very patient animals and it is likely that with the independent temper who find each other, will look for do-it-yourself treatments and get rid of the annoyance with a few gestures. It is up to us to stop them, not hard, but avoiding them doing damage by transforming a relatively simple one cold into something more serious and boring to cure.

The cat with cold it also has an unpleasant, almost uncontrolled production of mucus, which makes it rather neurotic, not to mention the irritation of the eyes that constantly tear, red red ... Poor cat! The cat with cold he also ends up not eating so much he no longer smells. It is a question of protective instinct, of prudence, of, coincidentally, feline distrust. From the series "I don't smell, what kind of stuff are you giving me, I don't eat it".

The danger is that it wastes away, and the infection worsens turning a cat with a cold into a debilitated cat and more and more dull. But we will see that with some tricks, you can still take it by the throat.

Before the remedies, let's look at the causes. We talked about half seasons that rub, like the one that is about to come, with sudden showers and unexpected temperature changes. They are among the causes behind a cat with cold, but they are not the only ones. There is the environmental factor, especially if our cat is a wanderer who comes and goes, not a couch potato, but the cat with cold he can also be the victim of a virus or bacteria. The most common are feline herpesvirus, feline calicivirus and chlaymdia.

The cat with cold it can also be in the throes of an allergic attack. For a plant or even for a certain detergent that without our knowledge we use as if nothing had happened. It is important to identify the cause, also to then arrive at the most suitable treatment for ours cat with cold. But it is even more important not to overlook the symptoms. "It's just a cold". No, it's a cat with a cold, and don't joke, whether it's a child or an old man: among other things, they can be hit indiscriminately.

Pharmaceutical therapy to cure a cat with cold it must be prescribed by a veterinarian. Usually it ranges from anti-inflammatory drugs, to antihistamines and antibiotics designed to contain the infection. If they are to be dissolved in the animal's food, so that it does not notice, we are lucky: they do not have a strong smell and they are easily "scrubbed".

For the injections, of course it is the vet who comes into play again to properly tease ours cat with cold, without us being poked by her nails, or literally scratched. Who likes stings? Let alone a cat with already hysterical because its nose is running. Nor can he use an extremely classy and lucky handkerchief plush toy.

What can we do to facilitate the healing of ours cat with cold? Silence, first of all, let us be silent, because just like ourselves, when we are stunned by a cold, even the cat needs sleep and rest that speed up recovery. As far as possible, therefore, we avoid loud noises and we are not going to tamp it down with games. He will certainly want to be on his own more than ever and I advise you to respect his complete privacy: a cat with a cold will certainly be particularly stressed.

Another environmental factor besides the sacred silence is there'humidity. An environment, a room, even better if the house, well humidified, helps the cat with cold, like humans, to clear the airways. Nothing diabilic, just use the special containers on the radiators. It is also smart to take advantage of the humidity that is created when taking a bath or shower. And with a seat like this, this season, you can think about it well.

There would also be the possibility, on the veterinarian's prescription, to submit ours cat with cold to one cycle of aerosol. The advantages are not few: side effects are reduced since active ingredients are applied directly to the target respiratory tissues. Furthermore, it is possible to reach higher pharmacological concentrations with less "torture" of cat with cold. Once you have had the vet's okay, you can proceed safely at home.

Just get one aerosol machine, complete with tube, and a pet carrier, preferably rigid and with as few ventilation slots as possible. If there are any, no big investment: let's arm ourselves with film, the simple simple kitchen film, and cover them properly. After inserting the tube in the carrier, let's put the cat with cold, ready for treatment, finally activating the Areosol machine with minimum dispensing intensity at minimum.

With a soft cloth, slightly soaked in water, we can also clean the nose of the cat with cold from possible encrustations, also to prevent it from continuing to rub, irritating the nose and eyes with its paws. You can do it a couple of times a day, but without bothering it or rubbing it too hard: it's not a floor or an ornament.

As for thelack of appetite, it is not at all something to be overlooked or dismissed as a passing fix, a whim. I do not recommend taking a cat with cold, especially on this aspect. Indeed, it is one of the most important factors for the "famous" speedy recovery that so many preach and desire for their own cat. So you have to get busy. And do your best.

Simple things, do not worry, for example we avoid kibble and dry preparations, better to opt for wet recipes and homemade, serving them to our sick cat at medium temperature so that aromas are more intense and therefore perceptible. As for the quality of food, they are recommended tuna or chicken. If you don't want it or can't cook it, there are cans that are great for stimulating the cat's appetite with cold.

If there really is no way, let's not despair. Here are other tricks: add some food on the tip of your finger and place it directly on the cat's tongue. Or put the food in a syringe and then, in a non-energetic way, to avoid choking yours cat with cold, get it straight into his mouth.

Me too'hydration it is important and the cat with cold often, in addition to food, it also refuses water. It is therefore important to encourage him to drink. In this case, moist foods, such as cans, also make a good contribution. Serve warm and in a nice bowl that makes you forget most of the annoyance, and maintains the temperature.

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