Cooking cereals for energy supply

Cooking cereals for energy supply

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Cooking cereals without losing their nutritional properties, it is important for those who care about a healthy and balanced diet. But it's not easy. Especially since there are so many systems of preparation and cooking of cereals and the result can be very different. Sometimes excellent and sometimes poor from a nutritional point of view.

Some good directions for cooking cereals In my opinion, those of energy nutrition, the dietary method recommended by Dr. Holecz Ferenc, who places these foods at the center of a balanced diet on the basis of experience and studies. In the energy supply, i cereals they play a central role and the care in preparation is taken to the highest degree.

How to cook cereals for energy nutrition

First of all, cereals should not be washed or soaked before cooking. Instead, they should be toasted in the pot, without adding oil or fat, for a few minutes. So the rule is: no soaking and never boil cereals without first roasting them.

Once the roasting is done, add boiling water and then a vegetable stock or, to taste, kombu seaweed and a little sea salt. Cooking must be slow and, taking into account the type of cereal, cooking times and consistency must respect personal taste. As the 'risotto' dries, hot water is added, stirring, so that the food is well blended.

Ten minutes before the end of cooking you can add a small quantity of finely chopped vegetables, choosing according to taste for a personalized flavor, but of only one type at a time. At the end, add finely chopped garlic, parsley or basil, or other flavorings to taste, with a little sunflower oil and lemon or grapefruit juice.

The ideal is that the result of the end of cooking has a soupy consistency. However, it is understood that i cereals, if they are used to accompany vegetables or meat, they can be cooked dry like a risotto or, in the case of millet and amaranth, in a puree consistency.

This way you can cooking cereals of every species, starting with natural brown rice which has a prominent place in energy nutrition. The others recommended are: amaranth, oats, cereal bran, spelled, wheat, rice germ, maize, millet, wholemeal barley, wild rice, buckwheat, rye, sesame, spelled.

Warnings. It is appropriate before cooking cereals choose those that are, if possible, organically grown, natural and not chemically treated. Then pay attention to the pot, which must preferably be made of ceramic (under an example available online) terracotta and stainless steel. Only aluminum, steam and pressure pans are not suitable and those coated with Teflon or other synthetic materials must be excluded.

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