Dog hysterical pregnancy: symptoms and what to do

Dog hysterical pregnancy: symptoms and what to do

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Dog hysterical pregnancy: a frequent problem that does not have an emotional component. 60% of non-spayed female dogs can have one hysterical pregnancy, regardless of the race or non-race to which they belong.

And in the hysterical pregnancy of the dog there is absolutely nothing emotional, paranoid, "crazy", even if some symptoms, as we will see, would make us suspect. Come on, trust me, it's a matter of hormones. There is no need to be alarmed if your dog has one hysterical pregnancy, no, but let's not underestimate the problem, because for her it is serious and, if neglected, it becomes serious also for the vet and for you. In a panic, you risk confusing the hysterical pregnancy of the dog with the pseudo-pregnancy which only provides for an increase in breast volume, but not typical pregnancy behaviors present in the first case. Let's see what they are.

In case of hysterical pregnancy of the dog the symptoms occur after about two months that our female went into heat. We see her change her behavior, wander a bit nervously, eat less. And so far, you can also get confused, but when you start wanting to create a soft nest on which to accommodate your "imaginary" puppies, collecting blankets, waste paper, socks I would say that, there is no doubt. Something wrong. Even if the socks are as beautiful as these.

In addition to the accumulation syndrome of "soft things" to create a bed for the imaginary offspring, as mentioned, the dog's hysterical pregnancy it is also accompanied by quite a lot nervousness. It is also contagious, therefore, beware: seeing your dog in this way can be upsetting, but clarity must be maintained. It is necessary to stay calm to help her face a moment in which, having gone into heat, she feels that her body is changing and feels unwell.

Nausea and vomiting can accompany the hysterical pregnancy of the dog, but a classic symptom is abdominal bloating followed by galactorrhea, i.e. the production of milk not associated with pregnancy and childbirth. It is not said that all these symptoms attributed to hysterical pregnancy of the dog appear at the same time, but if at least some are sighted, if in doubt, it is better to contact the veterinarian for a diagnosis.

To help him identify her, it is better to be able to tell him when she went into heat the last time, so the specialusta can read the symptoms and possibly perform specific urine and blood counts analyzes of the dog. Sometimes an ultrasound is also done to check for any actual pregnancy or infection.

Even if in front of our dog in the grip of one hysterical pregnancy, the first thing to think about is an emotional malaise, no, let's not get carried away by thoughts "from the heart": there are many hypotheses about the causes, but all related to physical issues.

Going back in time, when the hysterical pregnancy of the dog there was, there are those who thought that this phenomenon could have been born in conjunction with the life of the pack. In that canine social context, only the dominant bitch would reproduce, the others could only have the symptoms, but no puppies. Didn't Mother Nature want too many moms?

Another hypothesis is linked to the production of hormones when the female dog goes into heat. In fact, the female, going there only every 6 or 8 months, overproduces progesterones reaching levels which then fall within the range if no coupling occurs. If they do not return to normal, if the progesterone "does not return" in due time, then it can be reached hysterical pregnancy of the dog. We do not misunderstand, we do not come to hasty and "hysterical" conclusions though: having the female dog mate does not spare her from hysterical pregnancy. That is, that time, yes, but then, the next, the problem recurs with the same probabilities.

Normally the hysterical pregnancy of the dog appears 1-2 months after the first heat phase, the "estrous" phase, e lasts 2-3 weeks or even less, it depends on the subject and how long it takes the owner to notice the problem. To keep the accounts well, it is better to keep a themed calendar on hand.

If, despite intervening, within the indicated time span of 15 - 20 days the symptoms show no sign of disappearing, and you continue to accumulate plush rags and produce milk, you can resort to treatment with drugs. In the meantime, while evaluating what to do, to prevent the dog from licking its breasts, thus stimulating milk production, you can get the Elizabethan collar. As soon as you can take it off you can pamper it with a very very chic model. Also adjustable.

Also to prevent the breasts from becoming inflamed, there are those who advise warm compresses, with water and Vine, Vervain and Elm (10 drops of each in a liter of water, twice a day). It should be noted, on this, that there are conflicting opinions, from the experts, and also from the dogs that undergo the treatment. Not all females like this treatment, it is better to pay attention to their reaction, considering that they are already nervous about the general annoyance.

The use of drugs in case of hysterical pregnancy of the dog it is linked to the desire to block prolactin in order to stop lactation and all maternal behaviors induced by hormones. In theory, if you have no milk production, after a couple of weeks the situation will hysterical pregnancy of the dog it should improve on its own. But if this does not happen, it is good to know how stagnation could cause inflammation which, false pregnancy after false pregnancy, could lead to more serious problems.

When the hysterical pregnancy of the dog becomes habitual, in fact, we recommend the sterilization. It is an intervention for which, however, one must still wait for the end of the hysterical pregnancy, can be a final resolution. More than anything else if the problem persists, the risk of breast cancer appears.

From the decisive, and drastic act, let's move on to some advice if the hysterical pregnancies they are only occasional. However, there are still good practices that cannot harm a female dog, so that it returns, or remains if it already is, serene and healthy. For example, for the "tip" about being outdoors, delighting our puppy with walks and runs and encouraging her to socialize perhaps by frequenting dog areas or playgrounds.

From its bowl, it is better if doses of chicken or turkey meat, containing hormones, appear, and the last drop of health, which makes the dog cheer up, is the one chosen from the wide range of Bach flowers. There are no "canines", they are the same as "humans" and in this specific problem, the experts recommended by the experts seem to be the Clematis, to bring the bitch back with her paws on the ground, the White chestnut, to “remove it from it”, the Red chestnut to try to distract it from the tendency to overprotection. In addition, with the right doses, Vervain in case of nervousness, Holly if it is also a bit aggressive. Out of solidarity, in the family, you can sip Bach flower tea: a cup in the evening keeps all worries at bay.

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