Natural yeast, what it is and how it is obtained

Natural yeast, what it is and how it is obtained

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Thenatural yeast, also saidsourdoughis known in many Italian places (especially in the South) asCriscito, dialectal form of "increasing" due to the characteristic preparation that sees thenatural yeastincrease in volume day after day.

On the web there is a lot of confusion between natural yeast, carryover dough or mother yeast. In reality, in a certain sense, reference is always made to the same preparation. To nip any doubts in the bud, before seeinghow to prepare natural yeast, we will give you some definitions!

What is natural yeast?

The natural yeast, also called "sour yeast“, sourdough, mother yeast, sourdough and crescent (hence the dialect form criscito), is a mixture of flour and water expertly acidified by a complex of yeasts and lactic bacteria that are able to start fermentation. For this reason, thenatural yeastit is made from milk or yogurt (already rich in lactic ferments).

Unlike the so-called brewer's yeast which is prepared starting from the selection of a single unicellular species, the natural yeast it includes, among yeasts, several species of heterofermentative and / or homofermentative lactic bacteria of the genus Lactobacillus. During thepreparation of natural yeast, the fermentation of lactic bacteria produces organic acids and thus allows greater growth of the product and greater digestibility and shelf life. It is precisely for this reason that thenatural yeastis defined more "digestible" is"light" compared to traditional yeasts found on the market.

In many culinary traditions, the "Criscito”Is transformed into powder or granules and stored longer without the need for refreshments. In this case, the criscitois obtained fromnatural yeast(growing sourdough)but given its consistency it does not have the same leavening strength as the sourdough except after having undergone various refreshments and then reactivated with water and re-acidified.

Fromcarryover pasteto thenatural yeast

Given thatnatural yeastissourdoughare the same thing, often in blogs reference is made tocarryover paste as if it were a dough in itself.

Therecarryover pasteit is none other than that dough that, removed from the previous processing and regularly refreshed, can give life tosourdough.

Thenatural yeastcan it be prepared from brewer's yeast?

Yes. Brewer's yeast is industrially prepared from a unicellular fungus, thesaccharomyces cerevisiae. If we prepare onecarryover pastewith thebrewer's yeast, our preparation will be characterized by a single colony of mushrooms, the one of origin (saccharomyces cerevisiae); if this type of pasta is subjected to regular refreshments, after about a month, theSaccharomyces cerevisiaewill be reduced to almost zero in favor of the growth of those bacteria typically found innatural yeast. It is from this moment that the carryover paste made from brewer's yeast can be consideredsourdough(natural yeast) ..

How to prepare natural yeast

As stated above, natural yeast is prepared starting from a mixture of water and flour enriched with exogenous lactic ferments.

Ingredients for making the natural yeast:
-Lean yogurt 250 ml, 2 jars
- Organic flour type 00, 250 grams

Ingredients for subsequent refreshments of the natural yeast:
- Manitoba flour, just enough
-Water at room temperature, just enough

We advise you to choose yogurt because at the same time it provides yeasts of the Lactobacillus genus and sugary substances capable of promoting its growth. All detailed instructions for prepare the natural yeast with subsequent refreshments, are contained in the page dedicated to Mother yeast.

After learning how to make sourdough, I recommend you to read the pizza recipes with natural yeast and homemade bread.

1) Pizza with sourdough
2) Bread with mother yeast

Once thenatural yeastto prepare homemade pizzas and bread, you can decide to continue with refreshments or, if you have now reached your goal, to givenatural yeastadvanced to a friend of yours so that she can continue with the refreshments and benefit from the dough you started.

How to make sourdough at home

If you want more information on the world ofnatural yeastand on how to prepare sourdough at home, I recommend reading the book“Sourdough. Tips and tricks for everyone to get to know it and use it to the fullest ".It is suitable both for those who already know how to make natural yeast at home, and for those who are just starting out. It contains a lot of information on the flours to use and even one recipe to prepare some gluten-free yeast. The book costs € 11.18 and can be purchased onAmazon with free shipping for those who decide to buy two books of their choice sourdough provides 10 recipes on how to use the mother yeastand advice on the flours to use; for those who want to make sourdough at home or those who intend to prepare pizzas with particularly genuine and tasty flours, you can find information in my guide articleHow to make flour at home.

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