Dracena massangeana

Dracena massangeana

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A dracena massangeana it will help you keep the air clean in your home or office. In fact, there are plants that purify the air with their vital functions and the dracena massangeana is among the 'best' of this group. If you have a bad habit of smoking at home, or want to keep the air quality under control in an office where there are many printers, this is the plant for you.

Maybe that's why the dracena massangeana it is better known as the trunk of happiness, or the plant of happiness, aka dracena fragrans. The adjective fragrans depends on the fact that this plant develops very fragrant flowers, which however are quite rare in pot-grown specimens. If you are lucky enough to see fragrant flowers on yours dracena massangeana it will mean that you are lucky.

Dracena massangeana: cultivation and care

This plant is native to tropical Africa and Asia; in nature it can reach 6 meters in height, but in pots it does not exceed one and a half meters. Keep in mind that you always buy with the trunk already formed and that if it becomes too high it tends to have a less luxuriant appearance; if this happens it is good to intervene with a stem cutting.

Universal soil is fine with the addition of a little peat and good drainage. As for the exhibition, the dracena massangeana it requires a very bright environment but never direct exposure to the sun's rays. In summer, temperatures should never exceed 27 ° C, and never drop below 13 ° C in winter. Where winters are mild, the plant can also be grown outdoors: on the balcony or terrace, it purifies the air from smog.

Watering must be frequent in summer and limited to one a week in winter, taking care that the air around is never too dry. The water must never stagnate in the saucer and bi-weekly sprays of water are recommended on the leaves, which must be kept clean by wiping them with a damp cloth. The fertilizer should be given in summer, adding it to the water once every two weeks.

Dracena massangeana: repotting and reproduction

If the roots come to occupy the entire pot, it means that the time has come to repot the plant in a larger container. This is an operation that is generally done every 2-3 years, preferably in March.

As for the reproduction, it is necessary when the lateral shoots of the trunk become too long. At that point a stem cutting is made by cutting the stem itself, even in several sections, and placing the plant to root in water or fertile soil after removing the leaves at the base. Once the roots have sprung up, it is repotted in natural soil and peat.

Dracena massangeana: diseases and parasites

The most common disease is the drying of the leaves at the ends and along the edges, which usually depends on an excess of light, temperatures or too dry air. An insidious enemy can be the brown scale insect that settles on the leaves. In case of infestation, a specific product is used after cleaning the leaves well.

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