How to make a green wall

How to make a green wall

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How to make a green wall:tricks, tips and products that can help you create a vertical garden at home.

There are those who call themgreen walls, whoplant walls and who stillvertical gardens, it is a phenomenon that has gradually spread more and more in the construction world and aims to recreate, in domestic contexts, an impeccable balance between man and nature.

Agreen wallgives the entire room an incredible scenographic effect. Avertical gardenmanages topurify the airof the house, to create a microclimate and further insulate the wall.

How to make a green wall
Who wantscreate a green wallis spoiled for choice: the growing interest in this sector has triggered a boom on the market where there is no shortage of kits, ad hoc vases and a series of accessories suitable for setting up avertical garden in the house.


Modular vertical gardens
It is an example of thisKaroo, an idea of ​​a modular green facade, suitable for both interiors and exteriors. The basic element measures 40 × 40 cm and contains 9 plants enclosed in a fabric, the final effect is the one that can be seen in the photo above.

Those who appreciate the modular concept canmake a DIY green wallstarting from small boxes much cheaper. Also in this case the products available on the market are not lacking and must only be adapted to house plants; among the various options we point out Miadomodo® design Green, these are cube-shaped wall shelves that are perfect for setting up agreen wall. Three cubes of different sizes cost around 19 euros.

Vertical garden on columns or corners
Design elements studied ad hoc are the Modul'Green - Wall-mounted plant pots, specially designed for setting up green spaces on thewalls,even if they are columns or corners: modular vases are able to create corners. The price is 19.90 euros and on Amazon, shipping is offered for free. Modul's Green vases can set up green spaces on walls, closed corners or open corners, based on the quantity of modules purchased.


How to make a low-cost green wall, the kit
Those who do not want to work too hard can simplymake a green wallcultivating climbing plants placed in pots to be fixed to the wall with hooks, beams or shelves of various kinds; this is certainly among the cheapest solutions but those who have the ambitious project ofcreate a green wallcan aspire to something else by spending little.

The Green Flowall can be bought for 42.35 euros and is designed for the installation of agreen wall. It is a rectangular support that includes 16 pots irrigated by a single internal circuit. A full tank allows the plants to be watered for one month. It is waterproof, leaves no moisture on the walls and can be easily mounted. The price of 42.35 euros includes the support for the wall (in recyclable plastic), 16 pots to be fixed by interlocking in the support for the wall, screws and plugs and a guide for mounting. The result obtained is visible in the photo below.

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