How to prune wisteria

How to prune wisteria

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Up how to prune wisteria an (interesting) debate could be opened. Short or long? And when to prune?

The truth about how to prune wisteria, at least in our opinion, is that there are more pruning systems of this beautiful plant depending on the size and shape you want to obtain. And there is not a single period of the year, because there are two right times for pruning wisteria.

There pruning the main one is the winter one that takes place in November or December immediately after the leaves fall (which will first yellow and then end up on the ground one on top of the other at the foot of the plant). In areas where winter is particularly harsh, it is better to wait for the end of the great cold and then postpone pruning to the end of February or early March.

How to prune wisteria in winter? In this operation, all the branches must be shortened by a year, leaving about 4-6 buds from where the new flowers will start in spring. At the same time, all weak branches, broken or dry ones and all suckers that tend to originate around the collar at the base of the plant must also be eliminated.

In case you want to make the plant elongate, it is necessary to leave it suitable for development and tie it in the desired shape and direction. If instead the wisteria is already well formed, the terminal part of the bearing branch is also shortened. Indicatively, the cut should be made about 50 centimeters from the first lateral branch. This favors the formation of short twigs that will only bring abundant flowers.

How to prune wisteria in the summer? The secondary pruning of wisteria is the summer pruning, which is done in the period of July-August. In this case it is a lighter pruning than winter pruning. Flowering will have ended recently and the plant in this phase needs more than anything else to be relieved of the dry parts.

How to choose the pruning shears for wisteria

There are many types of scissors on the market, from traditional ones with curved blade, to pneumatic or ratchet scissors. Each type of scissors is well suited for pruning some tree species and others a little less. For more information, please read the article:pruning shears, tips for choosing

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