How to choose the fastest broadband offer

How to choose the fastest broadband offer

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Broadband connection, ultra-wide, very wide: the Italian telephone operators, far from wanting to abandon fixed connections due to the excellent results of the mobile Internet, are relaunching and continuing to invest, providing more and more cities with connections capable of performance that until a few months ago were totally unthinkable.

The Internet continues to grow, and with it the services that require large numbers both for upload and download become more and more. High-definition streaming television with increasingly large catalogs, telepresence and teleconferences in the corporate environment, the ability to upload and download large files from the cloud: all goals achieved, but which require broadband connection and ultra-fast connections.

At the moment, the maximum speed that can be reached in Italy, again in relation to the consumer world, is 300 Mbit / s in download which Milan residents can reach who subscribe to Vodafone and take advantage of the new proprietary infrastructures developed by the operator. For now, coverage is 40% of the population, but the goal is to reach 80% of Milanese citizens by December 2015, that is, 600,000 homes.

The new Vodafone offers are called Super Fibra and Super Fibra Family, which depending on the coverage allow you to have unlimited Internet at 30, 100 or 300 megs. But the company has also thought about the next city that will enjoy its own ultra-broadband: Bologna, thanks to the agreement with Metroweb. Meanwhile, the laying of "standard" fiber optic cables continues in other Italian provincial capitals, again with Fiber to the cabinet technology.

However, Vodafone's is not the only offer from broadband connection superfast: sul rate comparator of IdeeGreen you can compare those of the different operators.

Among others, there are Fastweb offers at 100 Mbit / s in download, such as Home Pack Full Fibra 100 which - in addition to allowing access to the Sky schedule - offers a smartphone Lumia 530, or Joy Fibra 100, Jet Fibra 100 and Super Jet Fibra 100. Telecom instead offers the TuttoFibra Plus offer (in the web-only version, with an extra discount of 10 euros per month).

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