How to build a garden greenhouse

How to build a garden greenhouse

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Build good garden greenhouse it is one of the most demanding jobs of early autumn, but it must be done in time and before the real cold begins if you want to keep the production of vegetables constant. Let's see how to do it in a simple way.

Speaking of the vegetable garden, the garden greenhouse built in September-October, it will serve to ensure the home-made production of seasonal delicacies such as fennel, lettuce, radicchio, radish, escarole and valerianella. The rest will come later.

How to build a garden greenhouse

There are various shapes and various types, here we consider the simplest structure which is the tunnel one made with removable arch supports and transparent sheets.

The advantage of this garden greenhouse it is precisely the simplicity that allows it to be set up above the cultivated flower beds, covering them one at a time with small tunnels or even more together with larger spans. When it is no longer needed, it can be dismantled just as easily.

As arch supports you can use flexible wooden sticks if the span is narrow, if instead you increase the size it is good to focus on a metal structure.

For the protective cover, polyethylene sheets with a thickness of at least 0.15 mm can be used (less they would tear too easily) to be attached to the arches with clips.

In order for the garden greenhouse is sturdy, the frame must be firmly driven into the ground and the arches supported horizontally with a rope or cable hooked to pegs. For better wind protection, the ends of the polyethylene sheet can be partially buried.

It is a good idea to provide for the possibility of rolling the cloth from one side to the other in order to ventilate the greenhouse on beautiful sunny days, especially at the end of winter.

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