Aloe vera, cancer prevention and treatment?

Aloe vera, cancer prevention and treatment?

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Aloe vera Tumors: it is true that thealoe veradoes it cure cancer and / or prevent the onset of tumors? Let's see how the AIRC responds, theItalian Association for Cancer Research.

Aloe vera Tumors, studies
There are many studies conducted to understand whether the substances contained inaloe verathey are able to reduce the side effects of classic oncological treatments, in particular chemo and radiotherapy. Although no evidence emerged from the analyzes that thealoeto be effective, many patients who participated in the tests have perceived as useful the treatment with aloe gel in the prevention of mucositis, a very common problem of the mouth for those undergoing chemotherapy.

Because it is thought that thealoe vera can help in the fight against cancer?
The numerous active compounds present inaloehave always attracted the attention of the scientific community. As for the prevention and alleged cure of some forms ofcancer, the spotlight has turned on some molecules capable of influencing the immune system such as, for example,acemannano which in experimental models is able to stimulate the production of molecules called cytokines, or aloeride, a strong stimulant of the immune system. In addition, emodin, a substance contained in the leaves ofaloe vera, blocks cell growth in vitro and stimulates apoptosis, a programmed death process that is fundamental in the fight against cancer because it allows the body to eliminatecancer cells

According to what the AIRC says, "Some in vitro studies have shown in particular that emodin is effective against head and neck cancer cells and liver cancer. Finally theDEHP, abbreviation for di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate, blocks leukemia cells in in vitro models. "

Studies onaloe verathey are still in their infancy, in fact, if laboratory tests have brought - albeit thin - results, there are no human tests of proven efficacy. So, to our opening question "Aloe vera Tumors: it is true that thealoe veradoes it cure cancer and / or prevent the onset of tumors? " The answer to be given is adry NO.

Aloe vera Tumors, In summary

  • L'aloe verait does not cure or prevent cancer even if some of the compounds contained in the plant are currently under study.
  • To date, there is no scientific evidence that demonstrates a certain role ofAloe verain the prevention or treatment oftumors.

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