Hybrid plants, meaning and characteristics

Hybrid plants, meaning and characteristics

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Hybrid plants, meaning, what they are and all the information about seeds. How to make hybrid seeds at home and difference with transgenic seeds.

Hybrid plants

When it comes tohybrid plantsthere is a lot of confusion, this because of the general disinformation that does not make us grasp themeaning.

Let's clarify immediately that thehybrid plantsthey are not the result ofmanipulations of genetic engineeringbut only of botanical dedication. So much so that even at home it is possible create hybrid seeds.

When it comes tohybrid varietieswe refer to selected species following a targeted crossing to give life to oneplantwith particular characteristics of both resistance and productivity.

In selecting ahybrid variety, everything happens according to nature. The problem is not in the production method of the hybrid seeds, rather in commercial speculation: those who cultivatehybrid plantshe becomes dependent on manufacturing companies because he is convinced that by buyingvarietyspecially selected, will be able to have a good harvest.

It happens to everyone, when buying plants or seeds, you are looking for the most productive varieties even if the success and productivity of the garden is by no means dictated byhybrid plantschoices, rather by our sensitivity and the care we dedicate to the soil.

Rather than go hunting forhybrid plants, a good farmer - especially if a lover of nature - should chase after typicality and buy a seed from an ancient variety, so as to benefit from a much more suitable cultivation for the local territory. In this way you will have better harvests and you will be able to defend a heritage that is at risk of extinction.

Transgenic seeds

THE seeds transgenicthey have nothing to do with ihybrid seeds! A transgenic seed is the result of genetic manipulation and is labeled with the initialsGMO, genetically modified organism.

AiGM seedsa sequence of gems is inserted, changed or eliminated. Thus one getsnewplant that otherwise, in nature, would not exist.

The first genetically modified plant dates back to 1983. In that year, a group of scholars transformed tobacco by inserting a gene capable of making it more resistant to antibiotics. Today, transgenic seeds are developed to be more resistant to pesticides so that less labor is required during cultivation. GMO plants are developed to have particular characteristics such as high productivity, excellent resistance, ability to produce fruits with standard shapes and colors ...

Hybrid plants F1

Ahybrid plantit is generally referred to asHYBRID F1. The acronym F1it means"First Generation" and in fact indicates the result of the crossing between plants of the same genus but with some different characteristics.

Can hybrid plant seeds be planted?

When we cultivate ahybrid plant F1, at harvest time, we will have a plantF2, a second generation. If we re-sow, we will get different characteristics from the F1 plant because the genes get mixed up and the selection made to obtain the first lineage ofhybrid plants. With F2, the plant will exhibit different characteristics that are often not so obvious to the naked eye.

In practical terms thehybrid plantsthey can be cultivated and sown several times but the exact same shape of the fruit should not be expected, nor the same yield of the "First generation" of seeds.

How to make hybrid seeds

Gardening enthusiasts reaching one more stageevolved, may ask questions about theplant hybridization or more simply, onhow to create hybrid seeds.In the laboratory, two different plants derived from pure lines are used to create hybrid seeds. These plants were chosen for characteristics of interest. Artificial pollination is carried out and the seeds are grown on a gelatinous substrate and under specific lamps to speed up their growth.

Even in the home and in the home garden it is possiblecreate hybrid plants and seeds. For all the instructions, please read the guide entitledhow to hybridize a plant.

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