Photovoltaic system for the home, towards installation

Photovoltaic system for the home, towards installation

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A photovoltaic system for the homeit will produce clean and efficient electricity without being accompanied by a hefty monthly bill. Before installing aphotovoltaic system for the homeit is necessary to evaluate some factors, first of all the solar exposure of the surface involved in the intervention.

In this article we have summarized some practical notions to know before proceeding with the installation of aphotovoltaic system for the home, in particular we have seen:
- the criteria for assigning incentives
- the average costs for adomestic photovoltaic systemwith European or Chinese modules
- the choice of the area that will host the system that must not have shaded areas
- the difference between integrated and non-integrated systems
- the possibility of using and selling the electricity produced

As often happens, over time the regulations governing any sector are subject to change. So it was also for the incentives for the installation of aphotovoltaic system for the home: the incentives in force at the moment are the V Conto Energia or the 50% Irpef deduction for individuals who decide to install adomestic photovoltaic systemby 31 December 2013 (from 1 January the deductions will drop to 36%).

Now we will see the preliminary steps to take to install aphotovoltaic system for the home:

  • Consult one of the many photovoltaic system simulators for both the corporate roof and the home. We point out the service which, based on the geographical region and other notions such as the surface to be occupied and the type of roof (pitched or flat), will show you an approximate calculation for this information:
    - installation area
    - minimum plant size
    - estimated production for each year of operation
    - annual bill savings
    - CO2 emissions avoided
    - possibility of exchange on site ...
  • Request free estimates with or without a technical inspection
  • If you proceed with the purchase of a photovoltaic kti or you need to install it yourself, remember that it is essential that the photovoltaic solar panels are oriented south or south-east or south-west, and that they are inclined from 15 to 35 degrees.

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