DIY irrigation system

DIY irrigation system

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With the arrival of summer, holidays are approaching and the desire to spend a few weekends in the mountains to escape from the heat. Who will think of our garden plants? They too suffer from the heat, and if we don't water them we risk finding them dead when we return. The ideal would be to buy a irrigation system automatic to always have the plants watered. But what if we thought of a do-it-yourself irrigation system? It is very simple to make and would be a more environmentally friendly and affordable solution. In the article you will find the guide for a do-it-yourself irrigation system.

DIY irrigation system, the gel
In nurseries they sell special gel spheres to gradually release the water. They are sold in sachets and are cheap. It will be sufficient to immerse them in water for a precise time, and then place them on the ground near the plants: these are hydro-gel capsules that gradually release the absorbed water so that the soil is always wet. Read the instructions on the label.
Useful information: at the time of purchase it is advisable to consult with the seller on the compatibility of your plants with this irrigation system.

DIY irrigation system, the plastic bottle
It is a irrigation system at no cost and very simple to make. To build it, several empty plastic bottles and an awl are enough:

  1. Take the bottle cap and make a small hole with the awl, making sure that the hole is really small, to make sure that the water drops once the bottle is turned upside down.
  2. Fill the bottle with water and cap it

Here's yours irrigation system, simply turn the bottle upside down and place it in the soil of the plant.

DIY irrigation system, the tank
If you need a irrigation system which includes more water, we can opt for a system to be made with tank and pipes. You need: a large tank, tap, garden hose, two connectors and two tubes.
For the realization:

  1. Connect the tap and a rubber tube closed at the end with a cork to the tank.
  2. Place the two implant drip connectors on the rubber tube
  3. Hang the tank full of water upside down and place the plants to be irrigated near it.

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