GlassUp: augmented reality glasses made in Italy

GlassUp: augmented reality glasses made in Italy

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You fell in love with theGoogle Glass and you have decided that you absolutely must experience the emotion of glasses a augmented reality? Well, then know that you don't necessarily have to wait for the moves of the American giant and that you can also choose GlassUp. What's this? A pair of glasses a augmented reality, same technology as the other, but produced in Italy by an Italian startup.

THE GlassUp (the plural comes more spontaneously to us Italians) will soon be in production in various trendy lines from casual to sport, from business to high-tech. Careful, light and ergonomic design to reaffirm the Italian character (it weighs only 65 grams), the GlassUps announce a user experience never tried before at a price that, if it is true that peanuts are not, is quite accessible to everyone: 299 EUR.

The GlassUp augmented reality glasses will be on sale from February 2014. Until then, to improve the device, the team of GlassUp launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo, available until August 8, which provides for various forms of contributions in exchange for benefits that can also be advantageous.

They range from a minimum sum of $ 25, which allows you to be included among those who have made it possible to realize GlassUp, for a deposit of $ 199 to get one of the first models, to the $ 399 that will allow you to buy the GlassUp with integrated camera without any additional delivery costs.

The project GlassUp was born in Italy in 2011 from an idea of ​​Francesco Giartosio, CEO of the company, Gianluigi Tregnaghi, expert in optics, and Andrea Tellarin, head of the production of GlassUp. Uniting the three is the common interest in the study of human-machine interactions.

The idea: with Bluetooth technology, glasses GlassUp they become a second screen of the smartphone, letting the information that we would otherwise have to read on the display scroll before our eyes. The optical system that transmits the image to the eye is composed of a display, lens, prism and LED, while the text processing is managed by a circuit consisting of battery, memory, low-energy bluetooth and touch pad, through which you can set the desired filters.

Who was able to test the prototypes of GlassUp ensures that the user experience is pleasant and non-invasive (but before signing it we await proof of the facts). The glasses have been designed in such a way as to allow the user to continue observing the surrounding reality without forcing him to shift his gaze to read the monochrome messages on a transparent background.

Click here for fundraising on Indiegogo

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