WWOOF: farmers by choice

WWOOF: farmers by choice

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Young, educated, bilingual, farmers by choice. WWOOF World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is the international network which, says Wikipedia: "Puts the organic farms from all over the world with those who wish, traveling, to offer their help in exchange for room and board ". Farmers for a month or a year; for a short training experience or to learn a job. Welcome to WWOOF.

Actually being young is not mandatory to join WWOOF (the network is open to everyone) and you don't even have to know English well (you can learn it by traveling abroad, and this is another opportunity); the only requisites are a passion for the crafts of the earth, a vision biological ofagriculture, and obviously the age of majority.

The beautiful things of WWOOF in our opinion there are two above all: on the one hand the network offers people the opportunity to learn (by choice) trades that become important again in society, on the other it lays the foundations of a natural and gentle vision of agriculture (including the zootechnical part ) which opposes the logic of 'everything for profit' while respecting biodiversity and the environment.

On the network farms WWOOF in Italy you meet people (especially young people) of many nationalities. At Cascina Bagaggera, aorganic farm in the Municipality of Rovagnate (LC), there is Cassie, born in the United Kingdom, who after a volunteer experience decided to stop. But that's just one example; in the meantime, many Italian children are doing agricultural volunteering abroad. International exchange is the basis of the network.

How does it work WWOOF? Let's take the case of Italy, where after a few years of informal activity, the organization was recognized by the law on volunteering and today has a registered statute. On the one hand there are the WWOOFers (voluntary travelers) and on the other hand farms (Hosts): the membership card (costs 25 euros and is valid for 12 months) allows you to enter the supply-demand mechanism and above all guarantees the necessary insurance coverage for accidents and civil liability.

The WWOOFer can choose the country and farm where he prefers to work, theHost can choose according to their needs and the needs of the period: contact takes place directly without mediation. Not all farms are the same: some produce vegetables or cereals and some produce cheese, some wine and some berries, and so on. Some farms are entrepreneurial realities, for others the goal is self-sufficiency: in both cases you can be part of WWOOF.

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