Gas boiler: sealed chamber or open chamber?

Gas boiler: sealed chamber or open chamber?

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If you have the problem of change the gas boiler at home and you are having estimates made, for sure you will have come across the definitions'sealed chamber' is 'open room'. And you may have wondered: what is the difference?

Before explaining it (nothing too difficult), know that the new gas boilers are almost all and will always be more sealed chamber (also known as a 'closed chamber'). For the simple reason that the legislation goes in this direction, subject to special exceptions, being the sealed chamber boilers safer to install at home.

The advantage of the sealed chamber boiler is that it can be in any room of the house, including the bathroom and the bedroom. Open chamber appliances, on the other hand, cannot be placed in the bathroom or in the rooms where you sleep and the environment must always be very ventilated.

This depends on the different functioning of the two systems, both based on the combustion of the air + gas mixture. There sealed chamber boiler it draws the air from the outside thanks to a fan (for this reason it is also called forced draft) and always expels the exhaust fumes to the outside. The burner is placed in a sealed chamber (airtight) so there is no risk that the drains can saturate the environment.

The open chamber boiler, on the other hand, draws the air necessary for combustion from the surrounding environment and the hot fumes are discharged by natural draft through a vertical duct that conveys them into the flue. It follows that, as we said, appliances of this type can only be placed in very airy rooms and in any case provided with an opening to the outside large enough to restore the normal oxygen level.

Today the law says that the boilers newly installed must all be a sealed chamber. Only those installed to replace others of the same type can be open chamber and where, for technical or architectural reasons, it cannot be done otherwise.

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