Is the Green Economy still essential for Italy?

Is the Green Economy still essential for Italy?

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There green economy is it still an essential tool to restart the country? The aceRinnovabili and ANIE Rinnovabili producers' associations, the latter part of ANIE Confindustria, asked for it 'with energy'.

The subject of the question is the infamous incentive spreading decree passed by the Government to the examination of the Industry and Environment committees of the Senate, from where the first texts are 'emerging' accompanied, however, by increasingly fierce criticism.

The subject of the barrage is the drafting of article 26 of the decree containing the percentages for the remodeling of tariffs from 1 January 2015 according to a mechanism that, according to asoRinnovabili and ANIE, make the provision even worse than hypothesized and such as to cripple the green economy in Italy.

For producers and service providers in the renewable energy chain, retroactive interventions on incentive tariffs for electricity produced by photovoltaic systems (this is the disputed point of the incentive spreading decree) are harmful for the sector and the entire Italian economy. .

Furthermore, the decree risks representing a negative precedent in the light of the agreements already signed between the State and companies; agreements that could now become a dead letter and put a large number of companies and workers in difficulty green economy.

The associations underline that the Government has so far ignored all alternative proposals to the incentive spreading advanced by Confindustria, ace Rinnovabili and ANIE renewable and has decided unilaterally to penalize the renewable energy sector. To make matters worse, it did so in a historical and political moment in which the energy risk is particularly high.

In the text signed by assoRinnovabili and ANIE Confindustria the question is explicit and one wonders: 'How can a government campaign by telling everyone that the green economy is it a development tool and then trample a whole world of companies and employees? '

The request of the producer associations at this point is that Article 26 be removed from the overall document and that a discussion table on a technical basis be immediately activated to restore the principle of legal certainty in Italy and the credibility of the development of green economy Italian in the eyes of foreign investors.

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