Remedies for flies

Remedies for flies

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Remedies for flies: natural (and not) remedies to keep flies away from home and garden. From do-it-yourself remedies to products on the market.

THEremedies against fliesare good for health because, let's face it, the flies they can be a real nightmare, especially for those who have a composter on their balcony or garden. Those who live in condominiums can often stumble upon the problem of flies, especially if the other condominiums do not respect the schedules for depositing organic waste. The truth is that there is always a reason why flies militating near your home: le flies they only go where there is food and ... alas, they feed on the most disparate organic waste.

The firstremedyto be implemented to remove flies from the home, garden, terrace or balcony, consists in identifying what attracts them and resolving the issue upstream. If you have no power over the root of the problem (perhaps your neighbor goes fishing and leaves his equipment still dirty in the garden), you will need to periodically treat the symptoms, how? Let's see immediately what the remedies against flies more effective.

Remedies for flies

As stated, the most effective remedy is to eliminate any organic residue, any potential source of food for flies. While this can be easy in the home, it becomes more difficult in the garden or in common areas with other users. Using an insecticide will do no good, better rely onnatural repellentsisdo it yourself remedies. Let's see which ones.

Pheromone traps and chromotropic traps

Pheromone traps can be counted amongremedies to keep flies in the garden. This is a very widespread strategy also in breeding and organic farming. As well as pheromone traps, very common for catching flies, aphids, thrips, midges ... are the chromotropic traps. These are yellow strips, covered with a particular glue that does not dry. These traps will need to be changed when they are completely covered by the captured insects.

Where to buy fly traps? In garden centers or taking advantage of online sales. On Amazon, a pack of four Fly traps is offered at the price of 4.60 euros with free shipping.

Natural repellents against flies

On the windowsill or in the perimeter areas of terraces and balconies, you can add natural repellents that can be more or less effective. Among the natural repellents against flies we mention black pepper and cloves. Other information is contained in the article dedicated toFly repellent.

Thorough cleaning

We have already told you that the bestremedy against fliesconsists of a thorough cleaning to remove residues and organic traces. To remove flies you can use disinfectant detergents for cleaning the house, garden as well as the balcony and terrace.

Among the best disinfectants indicated to remove flies, we point out theCreoline.

Warning! Creoline is not a natural product but an artificial blend of chemical compounds. Creoline is a highly polluting product for the environment and toxic to aquatic organisms. Its safety data sheet indicates this product as irritating, toxic and dangerous for the environment. For this we advise you to use it sparingly and carefully.

The use of creoline will keep flies at bay which, in a disinfected environment, will have nothing to feed on. How to use creoline to keep flies away? It should be used as a normal detergent, with a cloth. In a bucket, prepare an emulsion by diluting the creoline in water. Use water to clean all surfaces: floors, walls, columns, porches, windows, sills .... Its very high detergent and penetrating power ensures consistency of results, so much so that the disinfestation with creoline must be done after long periods. The frequency of cleaning with Creoline can be monthly but the times vary according to the exposure of the environment.

Where to buy creoline? Also in this case it is possible to buy and sell online. For prices and offers, please refer to the page of Creoline on Amazon.

Betweenremedies against fliesin the home, the use of curtains, curtains and mosquito nets is absolutely recommended.

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