DIY scratching post

DIY scratching post

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DIY scratching post, to ensure the safety of the do-it-yourself that we have in the house and furniture bought and well paid for. It is important to secure chairs, furniture and above all sofas, but you cannot ignore it. Scratching is an instinct for our cat friends, it's their way of leaving a smell on the territory.

It takes a compromise and this compromise is called a scratching post. DIY scratching post it is the compromise of compromises because it combines love and respect for an animal instinct with the need that many of us feel to be green. So to use recycled materials to create what is needed. A DIY scratching post, for example.

So let's stop scolding our cat if it threatens upholstery and furniture, let's give it some “Extra scratch”And above all we go to counterattack and create something unique and irresistible that distracts him from scratching what we care about.

Let's not impose it on him: let's let the cat go to the DIY scratching post with a curious spirit and that the discovery takes place independently and gradually. To facilitate the operation, we can place the do-it-yourself scratcher in a "busy" area of ​​the house, such as the entrance. Or the food area, where there are bowls and cat litter: it is impossible for the cat not to pass nearby at least 5 or 6 times a day.

Scratching post for cats

The DIY scratching post it is an excellent solution to give your cat a place to sleep, play, get their nails done and keep fit. It is true that they sell all kinds and at all costs, but the pleasure of making it and, even before that, designing it, by itself, is unique. And it is also convenient, both economically and psychologically and emotionally. Important, if the DIY scratching post we really did it, it's testing it and making sure it's safe, stable and robust.

Cardboard scratching post

The first possibility, the least artificial and the most immediate, to obtain a DIY scratching post, is that of cardboard. Very eco and very recoverable material. And that lends itself well to being scratched. You can proceed in building a DIY scratching post cutting strips or cardboard shapes and assembling them together. The idea is to obtain rough profiles, of the shape you prefer, but which have a surface suitable for being prey to the claws of felines.

Wooden scratching post

With the same simplicity you can build an equally effective DIY scratching post Wood. It is always very simple and inexpensive. Just cover some material with cord or twine thus giving a surface scratchable and reachable. For example, one of the surfaces to be coated could be that of old wooden boxes for fruit. One side can be intended for play and then lined with tightly and tightly rolled twine. It's a DIY scratching post eternal because once the twine is worn, just replace it with another one.

Column scratching post

With increasing degree of difficulty in the art of DIY scratching post, we go towards the column scratching post. Here we have more floors, similar material, many more steps. To stay on DIY scratching post, even for this ambitious model, we can use fruit houses or shelves of an old piece of furniture, for the shelves.

For the columns of the structure we have designed, you can think of wooden sticks like the legs of an old table or unused chairs. For the padding, i old jeans to line the shelves, flawlessly knowing their resistant consistency.

The columns and the roof of the house can also be covered with scraps of an old carpet and other fabrics, as long as they are resistant, the columns will be wrapped in thread letting the DIY scratching post retain its rustic but by no means inelegant aspect.

For the construction of this DIY scratching post, it is necessary to naturally procure wood, possibly recycled, but not only. There wood glue for attaching the foam, the fabric and the ends of the cords, for example, and then the screws to fix the columns to the shelves, and the feet to support the scratching post from the ground and make it more stable ".

The tools to build the DIY scratching post Column type are a rubber mallet, saw, scissors, electric screwdriver or screwdriver. The design of the scratching post is entrusted to the user's imagination, we, the cat owner, but the dimensions are important. Speaking of size, not of files but of scratching post make dates, here are the example ones for a column scratching post.

For base and first floor we can orient ourselves on 60cm x 40cm shelves with 30 cm columns that connect the first floor. There is a new 40 x 30 floor with 50 cm columns. On the top floor, where everything is allowed, a 40cm column is accessible. In addition to the various scratch plans, in this column scratching post I rcato and we will try to include a small house. From my experience, it is not very appreciated, but it takes it as an idea and as an opportunity.

Scratching post offers

Between scratching post on offer online there is this simple and at the same time complex scratching post with which to furnish a corner of our space hoping that the cat will be more amused by the conference than by the people around. This scratching post has a footprint of approximately 100 x 75 x 155 cm. The value of the scratching post lies in the excellent workmanship and sturdy construction resulting from great collaborations.

Another possible dog gift is, by standing on the scratching post and the like, a column scratching post, large, suitable for all types of cats, with a central trunk, completely covered in sisal and with a spring toy. Is called Scratch me.

For rock masters, out of their anger, out of genres, out of their minds but attentive to their cat, here's the idea: a scratching post in the shape of a vinyl player. The vintage, or hipster, touch could drive many crazy. Is called Suck UK Scratching post.

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