Leakage of electric current

Leakage of electric current

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Leakage of electric current: how to detect a leak of electricity, remedies and advice. From do-it-yourself to technical interventions.

Thelosses of electricitythey can lead to dramatic consequences. For any do-it-yourself intervention, we recommend the utmost caution. Anyone unfamiliar with home network electrical systems should entrust any maintenance work to an experienced electrician. Generally, the most common consequence of thedispersion of electric currentis the increase in inefficiency of the domestic system which is reflected in "electricity bills "very salty and loss of power.

Because of the electrical current leakage, you can touch considerable figures in your bill. Due to a badly connected autoclave, in two months, I was able to pay a good 800 euros in bills and my meter was constantly jumping! If I had acted at the first signs, I would certainly have saved a lot of money.

Leakage of electric current and life saving

Theredispersion of electric currentit is caused by poor insulation. Although the so-calledLifesavingshould prevent theelectricity dispersions, this is not 100% true: the circuit breaker, better defined as "differential switch", stops supplying the flow of electricity if it detects adispersion that is above a predetermined threshold!Thus, if the dispersion is constant but does not exceed the pre-set threshold, the electrical waste weighs on the meter and on the bill but does not trigger any interruption, therefore it does not activate the life-saving device. There are differential switches (lifesaves) which are activated with a lower or greater sensitivity to electrical dispersions; commonly, we have lifesaves with sensitivity of 10mA, 30mA, 300mA, 500mA…. The sensitivity of the lifesaver should be adjusted according to the environments: in the bathroom, where water and humidity are the masters, the lifesaver should be adjusted to a sensitivity of 10 milliamps. In other domestic areas, the sensitivity of the life-saving device in the home cannot exceed 30 milliamps.

Detect an electrical current leak with DIY

For find a leak of electricityyou need atester (on the market there are complete and practical ones to use for a few tens of euros) but before buying it you can do a simple do-it-yourself experiment.

Check the counter

If, as happened to me, you too have a counterthat clicks continuously, you have to check its display and see if it releases the message "Exceeded maximum power "with the percentage of peak detected. If this message appears, it means that the domestic system has seen an overload of the appliances connected to the network. If the appliances you use are the same as always, keep in mind that, in addition to the possibility of dispersion of electric current, someone could literallysteal your electricity. In this context, we refer you to the article:theft of electricity.

Check the appliances

If the message is missing and it is the lifesaving device that has interrupted the flow of energy, before reactivating the system, disconnect all electrical appliances, even those turned off that were simply on standby.

Turn the power back on and if the circuit breaker trips again then a tester is required. If the circuit breaker does not go out, try to reconnect, one by one, the electrical appliances. If it skips during this procedure, check the last connected appliance, it will have to be repaired or replaced.

The use of the tester to detect energy losses

Thetesteris an easy to use tool and, to detect the dispersion of electrical energy, must be connected one by one, to all electrical equipment. For the use and purchase of the tester, please refer to the pages of some products sold on Amazon. We have selected two of the testers with the best value for money and above all easier to use:

  • Multifunction tester + of the Etekcity® range
    Price: 17.29 Euro with free shipping. The product is offered in promotion on Amazon, its cost of sale in DIY and DIY stores is around 30 euros.
  • Multifunction tester + of the Andoer range
    Price: 18.04 Euro with free shipping.

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