How to remove scratches from wood

How to remove scratches from wood

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How to remove scratches from wood: instructions and products to remove light or deep scratches from wood. Useful tips both for removing scratches from lacquered wood and when talking about natural or opaque wood.

If you don't live in a museum where everything is protected by display cases and display cases, it is only natural that yours furnishings and wooden furniture accessories can get scratched. Do not despair, this kind of damage can be easily repaired, without further damaging the condition of the wood or the wallet.

Before dealing with any kind of repair, remember to thoroughly clean the surface in wood. If the surface is in contact with food or dirty with grease, use a few drops of dish soap, a soft sponge and elbow grease. In the absence of greasy dirt, you can clean with a simple damp cloth. Once the surface of the wood has been cleaned, the actual repair can be carried out.

Those weird white spots on the wood

If we place a hot glass on the wood, the steam can leave clear, almost white spots. These marks can be removed by using simple denatured alcohol to be gently dabbed. An excess of alcohol can damage some wood finishes, for this reason we recommend that you only partially impregnate a sponge with alcohol, or, in the case of particularly delicate finishes and varnishes, you can dilute the alcohol in water and shake the solution well. before use. When the heat leaves black marks, it means that the wood is completely damaged and no intervention is possible other than the replacement of the entire coating.

If the wood becomes opaque due to an excess of alcohol or an overly aggressive cleaning product, you can restore the old satin finish using a polishing paste and rubbing with a 0000 extra-fine steel wool sponge.

How to remove scratches from wood

If the scratches are on the parquet, we refer you to the guide:remove scratches from the parquet.

There are many products on the market forremove scratches from the wood. For very superficial scratches, just use a pigmented furniture polish. This product should be applied with a clean cloth, just like the classic polish, the additional pigments will cover any surface scratch. In case of deep scratches, the pigmented polish alone is not enough.

For aesthetic scratches or worn edges (often the outermost edges of furniture and tables lose their finish, showing off the raw wood) it is possible to usemarker for retouching, these are special markers that are able to cover scratches and signs ofusury. Convenient for repairing and masking a worn part of the wood. Markers of every color are available on the market, among the best products (those with good covering pigmentation) we recommend the Veleca Wood Markers, available on Amazon at a price of 8.17 euros with free shipping. After passing the marker and waiting for the due time, I advise you to apply a final layer of wax.

For wood scratches and deeper scratches, we recommend the use of wax. Choose a wax stick with a shade compatible with that of the furniture to be repaired. The application is very simple: just rub the wax stick until the entire scratch is completely saturated. To remove excess wax you can use a simple spatula (if you don't have a spatula, use something stiff and thin like a credit card!). Inremove the scratchremember that the wax should only fill the groove and not overflow in excess. After application, spread a layer of wax to give more shine to the entire cabinet.

On the market there are wax sticks for any wood finish, white, off-white, straw yellow, cherry, mahogany, walnut, wenge, black, sapele, oak, pine, honey, ash, hazel ... When buying, be sure to choose the most suitable coloring. Also in this case we recommend the use ofVeleca wax sticksbecause among the best on the market. On Amazon, the purchase price for a stick is 7.11 euros with free shipping.

Online you can find tips on how to remove scratches from wood or parquet using a walnut. You can try but walnut oil does not have miraculous powers, it can polish a surface but certainly will not remove any scratches.

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