Saint Bernard dog: character and price

Saint Bernard dog: character and price

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St. Bernard Dog, a giant dog, molossoid among the best known in the world, also thanks to the many films in which he is the protagonist and definitely fills the screen. "Beethoven ", first of all, but there are others. In reality, however, it is a better sight, given its wonderful character.

Saint Bernard dog: origins

The ancestors of Saint Bernard dog they are most likely those large mastiffs that the Roman legions left with the troops to guard some strategic points on the great arteries. The first specimens of Saint Bernard dog then are those that were donated to the canons residing at the hospice located right on Colle San Bernardo.

We are around 1660 and the noble families of Valais gave these animals to the religious as a guard to protect theHospice himself by the numerous documented episodes of banditry.

The Saint Bernard dog at the time it was also used for the transport of milk, cheeses, and for the supply of motive power even if the best known tasks of the time were to trace the track in the fresh snow, predict the fall of avalanches and find missing travelers with bad weather together with the canons' auxiliaries: the marronnier. A famous Saint Bernard dog it was Barry I (1800-1814) who saved at least 40 people in a single shot.

It is in 1862 that the name of Saint Bernard dog, on the occasion of a dog show near Birmingham but the drafting of the first breed standard dates back to 1887. Towards the middle of the nineteenth century to avoid irreparable damage caused by excessive consanguinity the intersection with the Newfoundland dog.

Even then at the beginning of the twentieth century there were crossings with English Mastiffs and other races. During and after World War II the St. Bernard Dog the Italian cynologist was in danger of disappearing, among others Antonio Morsiani, with his Rescue breeding founded in 1939.

Saint Bernard dog: description

The Saint Bernard dog it has an enormous head, one of the largest canines in the world, an absolutely main feature of this breed with a rather short muzzle, strictly square and never pointed or conical. The lower lips must be well supported by skeletal substrate and the limbs long.

As an overall height the St. Bernard Dog it can reach and exceed 90/95 cm at the withers. As a weight it can exceed 100 kg of weight so much to be considered a "Heavy athlete". Nothing ironic, because when the Saint Bernard dog he is well trained, so he knows how to carry his height and weight with extreme ease and elegance.

Saint Bernard dog: character

Like a good Molosser the Dog of Saint Bernard he is very attached to his master as well as to all those whom he considers friends, he has a particular predilection for children with whom he finds himself playing without risk of violent reactions.

The St. Bernard Dog: he is sociable and very balanced, determined, ready to guard and control the territory. Although he has a very good face, he is not a lazy person, on the contrary, he is alert and responsive. Today it is not used very often yet but would be perfectly capable of being a dog from mountain rescue. It remains in fact that the Saint Bernard dog it has a strong resistance to cold and fatigue even at high altitudes, another specialty is for example "Pet therapy".

Saint Bernard dog: record

The biggest Saint Bernard dog of all times he lived between 1880 and 1890 in England, he was called "Lord Bute " and measured 109 cm at the withers with a weight of 112 kg. In terms of weight, we have an Italian case of 118 kg, in the 1960s, with a gigantic St. Bernard Dog called “Mischa” over 90 cm tall at the withers and long-lived: he exceeded 15 years. Also in Italy, in the early 90s, another huge male named "Sando", reached 103 cm at the withers with a weight over 115 kg.

Saint Bernard dog: price

The Saint Bernard dog when it is taken from breeding and as a puppy, with all the appropriate checks and documents, it costs about 1,700-2,000 euros but it is also found in 1.200. In addition to its original duties, today the Saint Bernard dog it is known to be a dog used by the Civil protection, but it is also a companion and guard dog.

Saint Bernard dog in the movies

At the cinema the St. Bernard Dog was often the protagonist as well as on TV. In "The Call of the Forest", in the 1930s, with Clark Gable, there is a St. Bernard Dog and, in Italy, there is also "Birillo" from the first "Amici amici" in 1975, with Ugo Tognazzi.

Perhaps the first film with a St. Bernard Dog that comes to mind is the mythical "Beethoven" with various sequels. And then there is "Cujo", the thriller directed by Lewis Teague in 1983, based on the famous novel by Stephen King, in which a Saint Bernard dog with anger he turns into a ferocious killer.

Saint Bernard dog: video

In all its mass and elegance, here is the Saint Bernard dog: in a video. This is not a film of the aforementioned but a way to get to know this dog better and almost live, while having fun.

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