High blood pressure: natural remedies

High blood pressure: natural remedies

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We talk about high pressure when blood pressure levels are above normal thresholds (140/90 mmHg). There high pressure it is said hypertension and it is the leading cause of stroke.

According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, hypertension-related mortality is on the rise in the United States, and it is mainly men with more than 45 years old and women and the situation does not change on the Italian territory.

High blood pressure is a silent killer and for this reason it must be prevented in a natural way, by varying and correcting our lifestyles.
There is good news, the high pressure it can also be reduced with natural remedies!

All the guidelines indicate that the first solution to be adopted to treat hypertension is to follow a correct lifestyle. Me too'AIFA (Italian Medicines Association) wanted to emphasize the importance of correct lifestyles in the prevention and management of hypertension.

Many don't know it but there are factors that can be powerful allies or enemies of ours blood pressure. It is up to us to decide how to behave.

Eating little fruit and vegetables, exercising little and being overweight, smoking and drinking a lot of alcohol: out of 100 adults with these lifestyles,all one hundred will become hypertensive; if these hundred people instead led a healthy lifestyle, only 35 would fall ill: therefore, correct lifestyles reduce the risk of having the disease by 65% high pressure enough to be considered hypertensive. These are the exorbitant differences presented by Professor Pekka Jousilahti, of the National Institute for Health and Well-being of Finland, who conducted a study for 16 years on 20,000 patients, aimed at the prevention of hypertension carried out on subjects initially lacking the pathology.

According to experts, the four virtuous behaviors that can improve the health of already hypertensive subjects are the following:

  • adopt a balanced diet
  • do not take alcohol
  • not smoking
  • do constant physical activity.

The beneficial effects of these virtuous behaviors reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and damage by about 15% and help us, in a natural way, to keep blood pressure levels low.

For more precise information on these four important recommendations we turned to the experts of AMICOMED (, the service that offers the support of specialized personnel to subjects who show high blood pressure values, supporting them over time with a personalized program aimed at bringing the blood pressure values ​​back to normal thresholds, without altering the prescriptions of any pharmacological therapies already prescribed by the attending physician.

Here are the comments of the dr. Domenico Cianflone, Scientific Director of AMICOMED and head of Cardiology of the cardiological rehabilitation unit at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, in relation to the four virtuous behaviors just mentioned:

“The first important principle for avoid an increase in pressure consists in consume healthy foods with well balanced diets. This helps to combat the phenomenon of overweight and obesity which are expanding in countries affected by economic well-being.

The vast choice of products placed on the market leads in fact to an increase in the intake of products with a high lipid and sugar content and to a decreasing consumption of "healthy" foods such as fruit, vegetables, cereals and meat.

It is therefore recommended to follow a low-sodium and low-calorie diet; avoid canned food, frozen ready meals, reduce the consumption of sausages, pickles, cheeses and alcohol, because in all these foods there is a high amount of salt and fat, which contribute to increase blood pressure.

It's important do not take alcoholic beverages and in particular spirits as excessive consumption of these can raise blood triglyceride levels, lead to hypertension and cardiovascular damage. The calorie intake should not be underestimated either: if you intend to lose weight, alcoholic beverages should be reduced. A study confirms that a heavy consumption of alcoholic beverages (greater than 2 drinks / day) increases the risk of hypertension in both men and women.

The smoke and another enemy of our health as it not only harms your health but also induces a increase in blood pressure. In fact, smoking causes damage both to the lung tissues, as the lungs are the only internal organs that are directly exposed to environmental antigens, and to the endothelial tissue of the vessels.

Nicotine, contained in smoke, increases blood pressure, heart rate, and the amount of blood pumped by the heart into the circulation and into the coronary arteries. Other effects include narrowing (stenosis and obstruction) of the vessels in the arms and legs.

Carbon monoxide gets into the circulation (into the blood) reducing the amount of oxygen available to the heart and all other organs in the body. Cigarette smoking also causes an increase in the aggregation of platelets, the blood cells that participate in the formation of blood clots or thrombi that can damage coronary arteries or other blood vessels. Smoking, together with other risk factors such as hypertension and dyslipidemia, is at the basis of the process of formation of atherosclerotic plaques and therefore of major cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attack, alteration of the wall of the great vessels (aneurysms), stroke cerebri, without taking into account of lung diseases and lung cancers.

Mortality from coronary or other vascular disease in smokers is 70% higher than in non-smokers; and in heavy smokers (two or more packs of cigarettes a day) mortality is even two or three times higher (200-300%) than in non-smokers. In conclusion, cigarette smoke is a common enemy of the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system.

Engage in moderate and continuous physical activity, for example with at least 30 minutes a day of brisk walking, it can generally lead to a huge health benefit and helps to achieve the goal of lower the pressure. Various scientific studies have shown that physical activity, especially of the aerobic type, performed on a regular basis is effective, together with the correction of other risk factors, in preventing the development of coronary artery disease and reducing blood pressure. The hypotensive effect occurs in both normotensive and hypertensive subjects, although it is greater in the latter, and is proportional to the starting blood pressure values, and is also more pronounced in women and elderly subjects.

In the physically active elderly, all causes of mortality and coronary heart disease are reduced, especially over 70 years. Aerobic training improves resting pressure, the pressure response to psycho-emotional stimuli and prevents cardiovascular events through various mechanisms. These include the attenuation of the tone of the sympathetic nervous system with a drop in heart rate, the reduction of the activity of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system which is the basis of the mechanism of arterial hypertension, the improvement of endothelial function, improve glucose metabolism and the lipid profile. Recommended activities are walking, jogging, cycling and mixed aerobic activity programs. This does not mean that hypertensive subjects cannot follow their personal inclinations, choosing a sporting activity to be practiced even at a competitive level. This always implies an accurate sports-medical evaluation.

Service, AMICOMED, available from both PC and Smartphone (with App dedicated to both iOS and Android users), allows you to have one instant clinical evaluation of the single measurement and the blood pressure trend over time, through a proprietary algorithm certified by CE medical device.

Three screenshots of the Amicomed app to combat high blood pressure

In more detail, we have identified 12 strengths of the service:

  • Unlimited entry of blood pressure values ​​with immediate evaluation by the algorithm and clear and immediate graphic displays
  • Alert message (if you want to activate it) when arterial hypertension values ​​are at risk and need medical attention
  • Algorithm more and more precise with the increase in the number of pressure measurements carried out
  • After having carried out at least 5 measurements, the algorithm indicates how not only the single measurement entered goes but also comments on the trend of the measurements entered.
  • Pressure readings can be entered from any device: PC, Smartphone or Tablet, with automatic synchronization. After registering for free, the data will be stored securely in our systems and will also be available if a user should lose his smartphone or damage his PC.
  • The data on arterial hypertension always organized, graphically or as tables, with the possibility of selecting the periods / moments of the day (time bands) that you want to keep under control with greater assiduity.
  • From your control panel available via the web, you can export all the historical data entered over time in .pdf format so that you can possibly show them to your doctor who will have a valuable picture of the evolution of your pressure.
  • It is possible to measure the pressure several times in the same day: if the measurements are close to each other, the application will take care of showing you the most important values, while keeping them all.
  • If you use the AMICOMED App, you can enter your pressure values ​​even in the absence of network coverage: the answers will arrive automatically as soon as the connection becomes available.
  • AMICOMED also undertakes to perform a congruence check of all the pressure values ​​entered, in order to minimize the risk of errors.
  • In order to remember when to take a blood pressure measurement or even to remember the time to take the drugs prescribed by your doctor, you can configure customizable reminders in the App.
  • The AMICOMED App also offers a lot of useful information on arterial hypertension. To receive updated advice, it is also possible to subscribe to the special newsletter dedicated to topics related to hypertension.

In this way AMICOMED helps to change one's bad habits by following the basic principles of all the virtuous guidelines, thus fighting the high pressure.

The registration to AMICOMED and the download of the application are free and can be done on the official website:

For those who are happy with the free service and want an even more personalized service, AMICOMED also offers a personalized three-month program, at the time of publication of this article offered in promotion at a cost of 39.99 euros.

For more information on the personalized program to combat high blood pressureyou can visit the dedicated page of the official website of Amicomed.

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