Wall mounted ethanol fireplace

Wall mounted ethanol fireplace

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Advice on choosing a wall bioethanol fireplace, to hang or recessed. Prices, consumption and tips for assembly.

The wall bioethanol fireplace it is a splendid piece of furniture but cannot be called a good heating device. The heat source given by a wall bioethanol fireplace it can go to integrate the home heating system, perhaps providing heat in small corners of the house left uncovered by stoves or radiators.

Of great scenic effect, thewall bioethanol fireplace, can be placed in the relaxation area of ​​the house or adjacent to the dining room table. It recalls a warm, welcoming atmosphere with a strong aesthetic impact.

The strength of the bioethanol fireplace is given by the real combustion that takes place in the small open chamber: i wall bioethanol fireplacesthey are able to reproduce the atmosphere of a traditional fireplace as they carry one or moreuncovered and exposed flames,only rarely shielded by a protective glass. The protective glass of awall bioethanol fireplace, if not properly designed, it can make the propagation of the heat produced by the wall fireplace. On the market there are several models ofwall bioethanol fireplace, both built-in and to be fixed with convenient plugs. In all circumstances, thewall bioethanol fireplaceit does not require a chimney or complicated building interventions, only when it comes tobuilt-in bioethanol fireplaceit will be necessary to provide for the creation of a niche suitable for accommodating the structure of the bioethanol fireplace so as to bring it level with the wall and only let the frame come out.

Built-in bioethanol fireplace

THE built-in bioethanol fireplaces require masonry works before installation. A section compatible with the body of the bioethanol fireplace to be built in. The advantage of the built-in bioethanol fireplace lies in the aesthetics: the built-in bioethanol fireplace it is perfectly integrated into the architecture of the room for an effect similar to that seen in the photo above.

Before intervening with the masonry work, be sure to choose a safe place in the house, free of electrical cables and away from the plumbing network. Another consideration is safety: if there are children or pets in the house, choose one built-in bioethanol fireplace with protective glass or you decide to install it in a less accessible and higher area. In the paragraph dedicated to recommended products you can see models ofbuilt-in bioethanol fireplaces, including the one shown in the photos above.

Bioethanol fireplace: consumption

On average, awall bio-fireplaceconsumes less than 5 liters ofbioethanolto show off its flame for 21 - 28 hours, varying at the chosen intensity. Consumption varies according to the efficiency and power of thewall bioethanol fireplace. For all the details on the consumption of bioethanol fireplaces we refer you to the article entitledBioethanol stoves and fireplaces.

Bioethanol fireplace, prices and models

To help you in your choice, we recommend some models ofwall bioethanol fireplaces, these can be eitherembedded in the wall, or hung with special safety supports.

Ruby Fires Serra - Wall bioethanol fireplace
Price: € 351.40 with shipping included
Dimensions: Width 65.2 cm - Depth 19.4 cm - Height 48.2 cm. Weight 18 kg
It has a low plate of tempered glass for protection. The glass protects but does not hinder the diffusion of heat. The burner provides for a homogeneous spread of the flame to increase the aesthetics of the device.

Rabea Deluxe - Wall mounted bioethanol fireplace
Price: 127 € with free shipping
Dimensions: Width 80 cm - Height 40 cm - Depth 18 cm. Weight: 8 kg
Not built-in. It has three burners. Available in different colors; recommended for the excellent selling price. The powder coating guarantees good finishing and durability.

Wall bioethanol fireplace - Daniel Royal model
Price: 159 € with free shipping.
Width: 110 cm, height: 40 cm, depth: 15cm, Weight: 10 Kg.
Made in Germany, with a few tricks it lends itself well as a built-in fireplace. Available in various colors. Recommended for the excellent price: it has 5 burners and a low protective glass.

MANHATTAN modern design bio-fireplace
Price: 279 € with free shipping.
Dimension: length 110cm, height 50cm, thickness 19.8cm
Built-in bioethanol fireplace. It has two large burners. Elegant and functional. Recommended for the aesthetics and quality of the burners. The model is shown in the photo at the center of the page.

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