Remedies for cramps

Remedies for cramps

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THE cramps they are involuntary muscle contractions, the causes of which are to be found above all in the diet and lifestyle that one leads. They can be caused by being overweight, by a lack of mineral salts or vitamins, by prolonged efforts, by an inappropriate posture ... cramps happen for many reasons.

Fortunately, there are several natural remedies that are effective against cramps.The areas where cramps usually appear are the legs but the problem can involve various parts of the body, including the stomach. For further information, it may concern "Strong stomach cramps, remedies"

How to avoid and reduce cramps
If you suffer from cramps in the neck or shoulders there are you can go back to physiotherapy, massages; in some cases it may be sufficient to sleep without a pillow.
A good rule of thumb would be to exercise for half an hour a day to allow the blood to oxygenate the muscles and tissues, as well as repair and nourish them as it should.

If you suffer from leg cramps, it is advisable to lift them with a pillow or lean them against the wall as soon as you arrive, stop walking or exercising. You can also sleep with various pillows at heel height or massage your legs with hot water before going to bed.

How to relieve cramps with nutrition
To avoid cramps, nutrition plays a crucial role, therefore we recommend that you follow the following guidelines:

  • Include calcium-rich foods such as oranges, almonds, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, soy milk, or dairy products in your diet
  • Also include foods rich in magnesium such as nuts, whole grains, cocoa, beans, seaweed and soy flour
  • Eat a banana a day
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day
  • If you play a lot of sports, drink isotonic drinks to avoid dehydration, and stretch every time you exercise.

Remedies for cramps, useful tips

  • Wear loose-fitting clothing, especially pants and socks
  • Take a bath in lukewarm water before bed
  • Practice different relaxation techniques
  • Avoid wearing shoes that are too low or barefoot
  • Wrap the affected area with a not too tight elastic bandage
  • Natural remedies for cramps
  • Infusion

Natural remedies for cramps
-3 tablespoons of gingko biloba
-1 cup of water
-Pour the water into a saucepan with the gingko and boil for 10 minutes
-Remove from the heat, leave to infuse and filter
-Infusion to drink every day before going to bed

  • Massage

- Essential oil of rosemary
-Olive oil
-Mix both oils in equal parts
-Apply the mixture on the area affected by the cramps with your hands using a light massage

  • Beverage

-1 tablespoon of honey
-1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
-1 cup of hot water
-Mix all the ingredients and drink immediately

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