Natural cures for candida

Natural cures for candida

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Both when it comes to preventive care, both when it comes to cure a disorder already in progress, i natural remedies they can be very useful, even when talking aboutcandid. On this page I will explain how to learn about and soothe this disorder with natural cures and remedies.

Therecandidit manifests itself with various symptoms and itching, burning and discharge are the most common. Before talking aboutcarefor thecandidyou need to talk aboutprevention, we women are led to put in place attitudes that can increase the risk of contracting candida.

Too aggressive detergents or used several times a day damage the hydrolipidic film that protects the vaginal mucous membranes by lowering our intimate defenses. To remedy the problem, just choose natural and delicate detergents or do not use soap directly on the mucous membranes but dilute it first in water.

Another problem is caused by the panty liners which prevent the perspiration of the intimate areas and promote inflammation. If you are afraid of bad smells, I advise you to change your panties more often rather than using a panty liner, choose light cotton panties.

When you go to the beach, bring a spare swimsuit so you don't wear the wet one for too long.

Therecandida albicans it is a fungus that normally lives in our body but that can take over in certain situations. Accomplice ofcandidiasisthey are eating disorders, strong stress, a disproportionate use of antibiotics or NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as auilin, buscofen, moment…).

If you frequently suffer fromcandidiasis and the problem reappears every two or three months, better to avoid doing it yourself with antifungal drugs. Repeated therapies increase the risk of relapse because they do nothing but select other species ofcandidsuch as glabrata or tropicalis, which are resistant to these drugs.

Who often suffers fromcandidiasisit should focus on prevention and perhaps aim for alternative treatments such as homeopathy and healthy nutrition. Yes, once again, healthy eating is the winning weapon! It is important to eliminate sugars even in the form of refined flours. Sugar can be replaced with stevia and a teaspoon of Manuka Honey (45 € on Amazon) per day, recommended for its antibiotic properties.

How to cure candida

At the first symptoms ofcandidiasisto promote the physiological balance of the flora and disinfect the affected area, apply a soothing gel or a lavender based on lactic ferments and antiseptic principles such as thymol and carvacrol, to be used twice a day. If within three days thecandidiasisdoes not show signs of improving it is important to consult the gynecolo.

Betweenhomeopathic treatmentstocandidI point out the ova with calendula, hydraste and other principles or the vaginal tablets based on krameria triandra, a plant with antifungal properties.

For more information on care, prevention and symptoms ofcandid and to be informed about the possibility of infecting your partner and other things to avoid during infections, I point out the other two in-depth articles:

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