No more mosquitoes! That's how...

No more mosquitoes! That's how...

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If you mean no more mosquitoes get yourself a bat farm. In fact, it is necessary to know that the menu of these flying mammals contains a large amount of mosquitoes, and if these have increased it is also because there are fewer bats.

Ensuring the natural balance between prey and predators is always the best solution, but it is rarely possible. If the balance is that of insects, you can lend a hand to nature by building a shelter for insects in the garden, but the bat-mosquito relationship is much more complex.

Set aside the idea of ​​breeding bats, to achieve our goal of no more mosquitoes there are other systems. And of course we are talking about natural remedies with zero impact on the environment. Because everyone is capable of spraying the insecticide, but it is something that we like and we try to avoid.

The first thing to know is that mosquito larvae and nymphs live in water and prefer the stagnant one; so be careful about the saucers and the way you water the plants. Fortunately, only female mosquitoes bite because they need the proteins in our blood for reproduction, which makes nearly half of the mosquito population harmless.

No more mosquitoes: the deterrents

It seems trivial to say, but the best mosquito remedy consists in the application of mosquito nets on doors and windows. For a summer evening outdoors, however, remember that mosquitoes are not attracted to pastel white and yellow colors. Wearing white is not enough to avoid bites, but it certainly helps.

Enough mosquitoes: the remedies

A good mosquito remedy ispure vinegar. Spread on the skin, it has the same effect as a flavored essential oil with a repellent effect. Of the essential oils that have a more pleasant scent than vinegar, those of lavender, geranium, lemongrass and sandalwood work well against mosquitoes. The 100% pure ones are more effective and can be added in small quantities to neutral lotions and creams to spread on the skin, remembering to renew the odorous charge from time to time.

Here are some essential oils great for keep mosquitoes away:

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